Monday, January 30, 2006

Use Web Pages Without the Web

Ptl is to help make computer programs to run in web pages, but even without the web. Using computer programs over the web is great, but the truth is that people can't all be on the web all the time. For instance, some people work in remote regions where they need to use programs, but there's simply no web access reasonably available.

I'm looking at Java for most of the programming, because Java has such a high hype value, and seems like it's pretty "ubiquitous"- meaning, it's everywhere. Of course there will also have to be a little bit of JavaScript programming, just because of the nature of ptl.

Ptl is to do these 3 things.

  • Serve web pages to use programs made with ptl, even without web access.
  • Already include, for the web pages, the parts that are most often needed in order to use programs.
  • Make it easy to get, install, and run a program made with ptl.


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