Monday, March 21, 2005

SourceForge Project

I'm excited to announce that the new SourceForge project dedicated to the property inspection software! As far as I know, this is the only free and open software of this kind. Don't forget to leave your comments on the blog, post messages to the discussion group, and keep the wiki up to date! If you don't have very much experience using blogs, wikis, discussion boards, and things like that, what better way is there to learn than to practice on a free and open project like this?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Publicly Modifiable wiki

There's a brand new wiki page that can be modified and changed instantly by anyone on the Internet. It contains open information about developing ptl! Be sure to visit and make your changes, leaving corrections, updates, comments, and other ideas. Let the Lord be magnified.

Discussion Group

There's a new group available for everybody to freely discuss and share their ideas about property inspections. Everyone is welcome to bring their wants, wish lists, view, opinions, and ideas! If you're interested in this industry, or in developing this kind of software, check it out!

Inspection Software Blog

Announcing the new property inspection software blog! A venue for the advancement of new technologies and recent announcements. The goal of the blog is to inform people on the status of the new, free, and open Property Inspection software project. The software assists people to inspect all kinds of property (especially real estate,) by providing them an easy way to remember what to look for, record details and conditions, and produce and present high-quality property inspection reports. You're welcome to leave lots of comments, and suggest all of the good ideas you have to help advance the project! Does anybody have a good idea for a project name?