Friday, July 15, 2005

Databound Web Pages

A web page is a powerful thing. Think for a moment.
  • How long does it take for something you say on a web page to be heard around the world?
  • Is there anybody who understands a language which can't be used in a web page?
Even without computers, people can view printed copies of web pages. Web pages make up the new single world language. That's why they're replacing everything. Here are a few of the things web pages have taken over:
  • Usenet, Archie, BBS, Gopher, and email
  • Auctions, News, Music, and Investments.
Common sense alone warns that it's only a matter of time before they take things over more completely, and take over everything else. Web pages today are dead. If you do something with a web page, and then leave, what you did is forgotten. There's an annoying thing called "cookies", which was invented to solve this problem, but:
  1. Cookies only hold tiny pieces of information, and,
  2. Many people block and delete cookies.
Web pages today don't know anything about each other. They can't really do anything. For a long time now people have written many different very complicated programs to save information from web pages onto "servers", and to make the information available to use for different purposes. There hasn't been one, single, standard, transparent, automatic way to do this... until now. Introducing ptl. Ptl binds portions of DHTML web pages to SQL databases, as defined by XML files. This allows the usage of the pages to be saved for future reference, including usage by other pages, and by other computer programs. Ptl uses rsi, Remote Scripting with IFRAME, because rsi is much better than other methods of ajax. Rsi works on almost all web browsers without any plugins. You can use web pages without the Internet, you know. Soon everything you use on your computer will be a web page. Are you ready?


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