Friday, April 22, 2005

Some Guidelines

I've derived some initial guidelines for the project from input I've received so far:
  1. Talk with other people about their experiences.
  2. See what work other people want to do to help.
  3. Keep a simple, clearly-defined goal for the program.
  4. Consider which license to use.
  5. Don't change the goal for the program.
  6. Don't neglect the GUI.
  7. Don't neglect documentation.
  8. Make sure the program is compliant with standards, and can inter-operate with other programs.
  9. Make the software work the way the users need, not just the way it's most fun to develop.
  10. Start with all new Open Source software.
  11. Don't directly make money from licensing the Open Source code itself.
  12. Learn from closed source instead of radically rejecting all of it's ideas.
  13. Consider a less restrictive license than the GPL.
  14. Ask a senior level programmer/analyst to review each contribution.
  15. Test the code before using the program.
  16. Capitalize on using the program internally.
  17. Use the program to make the company's name popular.
  18. Capitalize on support.
  19. Obtain donations, if possible.


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