Monday, March 14, 2005

Inspection Software Blog

Announcing the new property inspection software blog! A venue for the advancement of new technologies and recent announcements. The goal of the blog is to inform people on the status of the new, free, and open Property Inspection software project. The software assists people to inspect all kinds of property (especially real estate,) by providing them an easy way to remember what to look for, record details and conditions, and produce and present high-quality property inspection reports. You're welcome to leave lots of comments, and suggest all of the good ideas you have to help advance the project! Does anybody have a good idea for a project name?


The Bored Developer said...

This may seem a little unsophisticated, but What about the name "Property Reporter"? After all, The data is being collected for reporting, and since this application's main focus is Property (Real, Personal, Industrial, the list could go on) a name like Property Reporter could allow us significant flexability in the future as far as add-on modules for all types of Properties if users ask for new types. I don't know, perhaps the safety of broad latitude with naming won't suit the project, but it's a start at the idea process. -- Kurt

isAAc4given said...

Other programs like this are named: NSpec, HORIZON, Home Inspection 2000, HomEvaluator, HomeGuage,, InspectionWise, Nspector, Easy Inspector, EZ Inspector, Eye Candy Reporter, QuickStart2000, 3D Inspection Systems, Borealis Home Inspector, InspectVue, Inspectware, InnSpect, Inspect Express, Inspection Tracker, ITA MATRIX, Independent Inspection Systems, InspecTrix, First Choice Home Inspection Software, WhisperPI,
DevWave, MAP TurnKey Inspection System, Optigold, Palm-Tech, and
RAPIDS, the Remote Access Property Inspection and Dispatch System, to
name just a few.

I'm a bit of a minimalist myself, so I'd naturally prefer the shortest name possible- something more like NSpec, and less like "the Remote Access Property Inspection and Dispatch System"!

A couple ways I've been looking for a good name are looking at the most popular keywords searched on Google, and the most common words in the language.

I'd like something that gave the sense of the program keeping inspectors from missing anything.

It should be short, free of negative connotations, easy to remember, and imposible to misspell.

isAAc4given said...

I really like the idea of "Property Reporter", but I had a few thoughts about it.

I don't want the name to give the sense that the software does the job. I'd rather it give more of the sense that it's a tool that helps the RATHs ("Roof And Tunnel Hackers", is what we call this kind of inspector.) Kind of like "HomeGuage" does.

How do you think about the name RATH?

The Bored Developer said...

RATH sounds like a good solid name for a plug-in or perhaps an avenue of the software. I am a bit concerned that using RATH as the project's entire umbrella will limit functionality of future queries from other branches of property inspectors, but of course that may be addressed at a later time.

isAAc4given said...

See the Group Discussion about the project name.


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